Beef Brisket and Creamy Mashed Potatoes

So a couple of weeks ago, a friend asked me to help her make a nice dinner for her husbands business Christmas party. Since then my mind has been over flowing with ideas! It will be a small crowd of 6-8 people so the options are pretty much endless! 

Today we decided on the basics for the menu! 
Pioneer Woman’s Beef Brisket 
Pioneer Womans yummy yummy mashed potatoes 
There is a insane amount of butter and cream cheese and cream in this recipe but they are oh so delicious! ( AND make-ahead-able 🙂 )
and homemade buns (obviously)
and broccoli salad 
and another hot veggie side…hmm any suggestions? 
and dessert… Trifle? Cake? Cheese Cake? Pie? 
ohhh maybe individual trifles in pretty glasses? or individual pies in mini mason jars? hmmm
Anyways, I will document this event and feature all the recipes I decide to make once this fun event takes place 🙂 
PS. I used the toaster oven this morning and everything went perfectly fine! 
PSS. The Mixer is getting more and more picky…today it wouldn’t even stir 7 cups of flour into my gingerbread recipe without a fight. I think it may be on its last legs…sign Hamilton Beach…keep it together for Christmas please.

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