Honey Bun Cake

I love cake that is acceptable to eat for breakfast.

I found this delicious recipe on Tasty Kitchen, which is a food community kinda like AllRecipes but hosted by Pioneer Woman. The recipes are usually original and creative. Almost everything is very very yummy!

Last night I made this cake. Honey Bun Cake. Its so yummy. Its a lot like a coffee cake but so much easier and fast and still just as tasty. I forgot to pour the icing on right when it came out of the oven, but it was so sweet already it didn’t really need it.

The lady who posted this recipe on tasty kitchen also has a blog. So for the recipe please visit her blog  called Serve at Once. This is super yummy. Make it for breakfast tomorrow. Yum. Christmas morning cake.

Ok So I also know it has been 100 years since I last posted 😦 . I am sorry! How do I ever expect to get any sort of blog following with that major lack of commitment!
But you see I have been making so many tasty things…I havent had time to share them!

I have been making things like this:

and this: 
and these: 
yummy candy like this: 

and tasty tarts like this: 
and then packaging them allll up in baskets like these
Everything is super tasty and turned out great. I have lots of picture to share coming really soon. Perhaps sporadically around Christmas. 

2 thoughts on “Honey Bun Cake

  1. The cake looks beautiful! I'm so glad y'all are enjoying it. And your gift baskets are SO cute; I would've been over the moon if I had received something so nice and thoughtful.

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