Kitchen Confessions at Christmastime

Talk about consonance… thats a lota “k” sounds!

On the eve of Jesus birth, I feel compelled to share a few food related confessions.
Not that it really has much to do with Jesus, but more to do with the fact that I think these things all the time and want to share them but can never think of a good enough excuse.

1. So number 1, I judge people based on what they bring to potluck dinners. Oh dear. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry! I just do! Its so bad! I want to be able to just say “wow look at all that yummy food” and dive in. But I cant! Instead I am looking and calculating effort, time, serving size etc. Like its my job to ensure everyone is pulling their weight at the potluck.
(Now if your reading this and have recently attended a potluck with me… I have thoroughly enjoyed and approved of everyones level of contribution and item choices lately. You all may attend my next potluck.  ๐Ÿ™‚ )

2. I really really really really really dislike Real Vanilla flavoring. blahh. I do not like how it turns regular chocolate chip cookies into vanilla scented cookies with chocolate. I like butter and sugar flavors to take over my cookie, not vanilla. I poured my last expensive bottle down the drain not too long ago because it went bad sitting in the cupboard so long. I am sure that I am committing a cardinal sin in many bakers books, but I will take the cheap artificial flavoring every time thankyou very much.

3. Sometimes when a recipe says to use butter, I use margaine because its cheaper. I like to spend money on clothes rather then butter.  I am frugal ok.

4. I love my kitchen floor because it can be sooooo dirty and you cant even tell. (unless you have barefeet….so wear socks if your coming over)

5. Speaking of the kitchen floor…. I have washed it once in 2 years. Gary lived here for two years before we got married. I washed it once in that time because I was a good girlfriend. It is in dire need of washing.

6. My christmas tree is in the kitchen because I wanted to be able to see it all the time

7. There is rat poison in my utensils-that-aren’t-cutlery drawer

8. I have a fish on my kitchen counter. His name is Samualson. I used to keep him by the stove but he kept getting oil slicks on the surface of his water when ever I fried bacon. I was afraid it would kill him like oil kills fish in the ocean. He is still alive and well though. I feed him way to much.

9. My kitchen overflows with baking supplies. I could pretty much make almost anything at this current moment.

10. well I was going to do ten, but inspiration has subsided. So 9 it is! I could put pictures in of all the fascinating confessions, but my card reader is down for the count. ๐Ÿ™‚

Merry Christmas!


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