To-do list

Today I have 1 million things to do.

I have 5 things on my to bake/cook list (and I have been having huge kitchen failures lately. Please not today)
and shopping to do and sister-in-laws to visit and parents to visit and a house to clean.

I do love feeling busy though. Its exciting to have so much to do. When I get feeling this productive I just feel like adding things like ” go to the gym” , “clean the garage” , “reorganize the closet”, “mow the lawn” you know all those sorts of things that just feel so good to get done. Only I do not think there is nearly enough time in a day, ( never mind today) to get all those things done.

By the way, gary and I are going on a ski trip on wednesday. Thats why everything is crazy.

I also bought seeds last week to start my garden in the spring. The lady though I was insane. She did. She thought I was going to go home and plant them! There was snow on the ground! Oh my. Maybe I already shared that story. I feel like I did. Im sorry.

Anyways I have to go do my to-do list. I am going to sweep the flour and make naniamo bars at the same time. I think its possible.


3 thoughts on “To-do list

  1. Mar, I bought seed yesterday too. Lots of them, like cucumbers and scarlet runner beans and purple carrots (and normal carrots too) and broccoli for Dad. And then 5 packages of flower seed… I'm so excited to plant and grow though!

  2. Emily, I am not sure if you will get this. I saw your reply right when you posted it and I thought it was my sister! and I thought " jeepers Emily, you have had Naniamo bars a million times!" haha! Thank-you for the comment and visiting my blog!

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