For about 3.5 seconds I thought about posting a deep and thoughtful post about seed and how they are like idea that get planted in your mind and then they grow…

And then I decided not to. Mostly because what I really want to talk about is the fact that I planted seeds!

I planted tomatoes…I know its a terrible idea to try and grow tomatoes from seed…apparently its quite difficult. But me being the gifted and incredibly knowledgeable vegetable grower that I am, I am sure I can handle it. Not. I can barely keep full grown tomato plants alive long enough to provide me with a tasty tomato. Last summer I barely managed! This summer I promise to be different. I will nurture my green thumb and water my plants faithfully and not over water them either! ( my sister, the horticultural expert in this house, says that more people kill plants from over water then under watering… now you know)

I also planted cucumbers, basil (picture below)  My  grandma says basil needs to be warm. Today I put the little mug on the heat register. I think it was happy.

This was a bit ago…now the little seeds have sprouted and are waving their tiny leaves in the air. Maybe I will take a new picture. 
This is the container with the tomatoes and cucumbers in it. T is for the first 4 egg cups. They have an orange heirloom tomato breed in them. I had to obviously pick the un-genetically altered brands because well…I like a challenge apparently. Now I am sure you can practically get drought resistant, blight resistant tomatoes…cheaters. 
C is obviously for the cucumber cups and the B is for beefsteak heirloom tomatoes. By the way…the cucumbers and one of the beefsteak tomato plants have sprouted. I replanted the rest of the seeds…they were MIA. 
Oh yeah and obviously the top picture is a yellow pepper.
Have I mentioned I have no idea what I am doing? 
Anyways, I hope they live. I want to grow veggies. 
I tried to grow pumpkins and zuchinni last year…the kid who mowed the lawn at Gary’s cut off the flowers haphazardly and so no flowers = no pumpkins or zuchinni
It was sad. I wanted to fire him. But hes 10…and didn’t know better. And then I would have to mow the lawn and we have a push mower. This year I will build a little fence. 


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