All the Rage

Cupcakes are all the rage these days.

There is  little cupcake bakeries popping up on every corner. 
Even Starbucks has a selection of “fresh” cupcakes topped with an overly generous amount of sickeningly sweet Butter cream icing. 
And we all know that the trend is official once Starbucks jumps on the bandwagon. 
And of course there are other popular things that it seems “everyone” is making. Like smoothies, and macaroons, and salted chocolate/caramel anything, and anything with nutella, and red velvet everything. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing the many bloggers who are making these things. I love to make them all too! I am totally just stating an observation that I have recently made. Its kinda fun actually to make these things and experiment along with the rest of the baking blog world. Not that I have actually made any of those things and posted them. Though I did make Nutella Chip Cookies which were delish! Did I post about them? I don’t remember. Next time I make them I will πŸ™‚ They were so yummy. But let me tell you, making your own chocolate chips out of nutella…not an quick and easy thing to do. 
Anyways…this whole thing about trends actually has nothing to do with what I am going to post about…except that maybe giant cupcakes are becoming a bit of a trend. 
Wait…you have heard of this right? Making a huge, jumbo cupcake? In the olden days…people used to use a round glass pyrex bowl and a round equally sized cake pan and put them together to make a big cake that, when iced, looks like a huge cupcake. 
Well times have changed and now…Wilton (and I am sure many other companies) have come up with a much simpler way to pull this fun cake off…
Its the Jumbo Cupcake Pan
Now to the point of the post…
A friend of a friend contacted me a weekish ago asking if I could make one for her sons first brithday. Of course I said YES! 
I received a pan for a wedding present and have seriously been waiting for the perfect occasion to whip out a giant cupcake! I baked a trial version tonight (there is nothing worse then saying yes when you are actually not sure if you can pull it off) and it turned out great!!! I am going to experiential with icing the top tomorrow afternoon. I am thinking either a light blue or green tinted buttercream with maybe a darker strip of colour swirled throughout. ( I learnt a fun and easy technique at a cupcake decorating class a while ago!) Anyways. It should be fun! 
Has anyone else ever made a Giant Cupcake Cake? Any tips? 
PS. We are home from mexico. We got home at 3:00 AM. It is def time for bed. We are super super tanned and had an awesome time! Maybe I will post a picture or two later πŸ™‚ Sleep now.

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