Giant Cupcake Re-cap

Remember the giant cupcake cake I talked about earlier this week?
Well, today was the day! (ok I started this on Sunday…so actually Sunday was the day I made it etc)
I baked it up Saturday using my Wilton Cupcake pan. Now I didn’t take any pictures of that process…I should have though. Ohhhh my.
See in my test run I only made 1 batch of cake which turned out to be not nearly enough. I needed just over 1 1/2 recipes of the cake batter to fill the pans. And so I made 2 batches of cake and filled up the pans niceee and full. Apparently too full… like pouring out of the pan in a hot stream of goopy cake batter. Anyways it was messy and my oven now needs a good clean.
Anyways, I iced it and decorated it and had a few disasters in the process. Overall I was happy with how it turned out.
I am SUPER critical of myself and everything I make so obviously I could begin to list the things I would have done differently but Julia Child said to never apologize or make excuses, just learn from your mistakes. So thats what I am going to do!

Here is what the final product looked like:

I had sprinkles and all sorts of things to put on it as well, but I started putting sprinkles on and they were just too much. 
Anyways, I can’t wait to make another one soon so I can practice my skills! 
Oh I also bought a cake leveler today. 
This one
Only thing I have to learn is to start ordering my Wilton product online. This was about 3 dollars online and I paid 6 bucks in store! I mean 6 bucks isn’t much really but 3 is even better!
I had no idea it would be so cheap! My world has been revolutionized! 
OH I also made Shamrock Cookies to sell tomorrow. 
I will post about them before I go to sleep tonight maybe 🙂 

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