Singing Patty Griffin in the Car Makes my Throat Scratchy

You know when you stop at a red light and look over, and you see the girl/boy in the car next to you belting out some tune and then you laugh?

Don’t lie, we ALL laugh at that girl/boy.

That girl? Is totally me. Totally.

My car-driving-alone-time is belting-out-tunes-at-the-top-of-my-lungs-time.

When ever I get out of the car at my destination I always feel refreshed and energized and happy. Like belting out those songs releases all my tension and I just get to be free.

Sometimes I look over at cars passing me on the highway, or I see the person in the car next to me see me singing and I laugh a bit to myself because I know that as soon as they pull away they are going to laugh cause I was singing. But I bet that as soon as they are done laughing they are going to crank up their own radio and belt out a tune of their own. I am sure of it!

I was thinking the other day, there is only one other person I can car-sing with. My sister Jill. We have driven to Langley to go shopping and Seattle to see pioneer woman. Sure we talked a bit, but mostly we just sang and sang and sang. After the Seattle trip I recall having quite the sore and scratchy throat. Probably because we probably sang for 4 hours straight.

It was just fabulous.

My current fav car-belting songs?

Stolen Car or Nobody’s Crying by Patty Griffin

and Colder Weather  by Zac Brown Band

Do you sing when you are alone in the car?
What are your fav car singing songs?


2 thoughts on “Singing Patty Griffin in the Car Makes my Throat Scratchy

  1. Dear sister. I absolutely love car singing with you too πŸ™‚ AlwaysAnd, Nobody's crying and Colder weather are probably my top two too. Now I've got to go make myself a new CD

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