If you are still there…

I’m back!!!

Yes, after a 3 month summer break, I have decided I have some time to get back into blogging! 
The main reason for the lonnnggg break, was that I took over doing all of our book keeping work in June and when I began, I was already 6 months behind. So every minute I had of computer time was spent logging onto quickbooks and entering bills and invoices and cheque stubs.With the help of our accountant and his assistant, we are all caught up and brought up to date as of last week! 
My hope is, now that we are caught up, and the summer hay/farming rush is coming to and end, I should be able to blog about life again. 
Its time for a shower, I smell like cows from milking this morning. I think I am going to make something delish for dinner and then tell you allllll about it this evening. 
It feels good to be back! 

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