Banana Coconut Ceam Pie.

Its 10:35 on Sunday night.

Gary went to a guys night…so obviously, I baked.

I NEEDED to bake actually.
So, I made Joy The Baker’s Banana Coconut Cream Pie.

This recipe is from her new cookbook which I highly recommend! I have made 4 things so far and have only had it two weeks! I fully intend to try every.single.thing.

This recipe is not on her blog as far as I can tell, but is probably worth buying the book for…um actually totally worth buying the book for.

Here is a bad picture of the pie I took with my ipad. Let me tell you. This looks not so pretty. Joys pie looks pretty. Mine is minus the whipping cream and good lighting. But I died from deliciousness. Before I had actually cut into the pie and had just licked the bowl and spatula and stuck my finger in the pie a time…or three, I thought ” holy, I dont even need the crust! Just give me a spoon, I am eating this out of the bowl!” and to be honest, it would be so good that way. But the crust…just kicks things up 100 notches. All coconut-y and kinda chewy and totally good.

So now that I have told you alll about it, I am not giving you the recipe. Mostly because its not on Joys blog, and her book just came out, and you should TOTALLY buy it .. and then maybe come to Seattle with me ( and 3 other friends) for the weekend and get your book signed and actually MEET JOY THE BAKER! AHhhhh SO excited! Anyways. I am not an excitable person but this pie and joy the baker has just got me all fired up.

I need to get this pie out of my house but 9 am. Somebody else has to eat the other 3/4.
( um I only at 1/8th tonight…but you bet I am eating 1/8th for breakfast.)

Maybe I should divide it into 6 pieces and put them on plates and wrap them up and take them to 6 different people rather then just one? Because I really cant decide who I should feed this to.


One thought on “Banana Coconut Ceam Pie.

  1. deliver one to me! that looks fantastic – i love coconut (one aspect in which i'm not exactly like my mom)! i'll also go to seattle. gladly. that trip sounds like a blast! sadly, this western coast is much longer than it seems on a map.

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