Weekend around here are usually not that exciting. Saturdays are a work day like every other and the cows still have to be milked on Sunday.

Because I have been working a lot more then usual, I used this Saturday to catch up on sleep as well as clean up my house! Gary did an awesome job keeping our house tidy during the week, but farm living = never ending dirt. Even when I wasn’t working, it felt like I was cleaning our house constantly! I am not super worried about our house being clean all the time, but I know Gary really likes a clean house so I try and make that happen for him. Maybe that sounds pretty anti feminist… But I really embrace traditional roles and they work for us and our marriage. I love to be home cooking and cleaning, weather that makes me anti feminist or not. 🙂

Here is a snap shot of my weekend:

Bc young farmer spring party Friday night, so I did my hair for the first time in weeks.

Saturday, Gary went to an auction and bought a bus….

My momma brought me three baby chickens as a birthday present!

My great aunt and uncle came over for dinner Saturday night and I made this cake! I fed them meatballs and rice and broccoli. It wasn’t as fancy as I would normally get for company, but sometimes it’s about the visit more then serving fancy food.

Sunday consisted of church, lunch at the Veddar Mountain Grille, and relaxing on the couch.


In the evening we went out for dinner and bowling with some of my cousins. Things like this make me aware of the fact that we are all growing up. We get to choose to be friends rather then just family. It’s a cool feeling, this whole growing up thing. A couple of weeks ago, my younger sister came over to borrow a
Purse and she stayed for few hours. We have never just sat and happily chatted for a few hours. I loved it and look forward to growing all my family relationships into deeper friendships as time goes on.


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