A List on a Rainy Weekend

It has been a super rainy weekend and has seriously lacked in productivity. I got up late on Saturday (despite my 7 am alarm aspirations), fumbled through a slow breakfast while I did paperwork and finally made it outside at 10:45 to clock in a few hours of yard work. At approximately 11:05 it began raining. Dang. But then, I came inside and made the most amazing vegan chocolate cookies (which I will post ASAP), updated my iPhone, did the dishes and did my best to not check instagram every 5 minutes. Sunday was more normal with church in the morning (I wore pants so tight that I couldn’t even cross my legs haha!) then a matinee with my mom and sister and later, grandmas 80-something birthday in the evening. Obviously I have had some thoughts this weekend, (cause when do I not?) so I made a list.

  1. I am slightly (and only slightly) ashamed of the copious amount of selfies on my phone…wanna see some?

Bored Selfie

On-my-way-to-an-adult-job selfie

On-my-way-to-an-adult-job selfie

Wine Drinking selfie

Wine Drinking selfie

1/2 face selfie

1/2 face selfie

New Glasses Selfie

New Glasses Selfie

Gym Selfie

Gym Selfie

Excessive right?

2. Late night gym workouts are actually awesome. I almost always hit up the gym    before noon but Saturday night came and I had no plans, Gary was going out so I decided to do a long medium paced cardio work out. There was almost nobody else at the gym. I listened to country songs too loud and tried to walk backwards on the treadmill. I almost ate it and then laughed at myself.

3. Reading is a much better idea then watching episodes of Dexter on Netflix. Partly cause the show freaks me out and partly cause I just finished the first 9 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and seriously need a media break. Also, at this rate I am going to be reading East of Eden for 5 years.

4. I can’t wait till it is warm enough to plant my garden! The short, rainy, time I spent  outside on Saturday was so exciting! My flower gardens were looking more healthy and well spaced then ever before. The lack of buttercup growing was also encouraging. I have spent soooo many hours just digging that pesky weed outta my flower beds. ALSO, my rhubarb is shooting up and even has a few leaves starting! Its going to be pie time before I know it!


First bits of Rhubarb life.

5. Oh dear, I am already at number 5 and I am coming back to the selfie topic. Fantastic. I am now vowing to take more pictures with other people. Do you ever find it awkward to ask someone to take a selfie with you? Or is it just me? Like my friends are generally older then me…and being all….”hey lets take a selfie!” just seems kinda…immature. Or do I just need to get over myself and just be myself Yeah…probably.

6. I am super blessed to have Grandparents and especially to be able to spend time with them as they get older. We make sure to celebrate every birthday with my grandma Garner specifically. I remember last year when she said something about how she didn’t think she had any more birthdays left. That makes me panic a little bit while also feeling super thankful that we did get this whole year with her.


Grandma on her 89th Birthday

7. Gary bought me a bunch of lamb from a hay customer. The meat I mean. Its in my freezer, not in the barn (just to be clear). I have no clue how to cook it. I have some in the fridge to make into Greek inspired skewers…but what else?

8. Blogging is the ultimate procrastination for working on my adoption book. Cause I am writing things about our life, and posting pictures…which is kinda like my adoption book..except 100x less stressful. If my grammar is bad (likely) and my punctuation is questionable (undoubtedly) it doesn’t matter so much on the blog. In the adoption book it feels like my future, our future, is in the balance of every sentence I write and every picture I select. I know that god is ultimately in charge and I really have to try to remember that when I face the task of getting that book done this week.

So those are my 8 weekend thoughts. Tell me what to do with lamb meat! Weigh in on how you feel about selfies! Come back tomorrow for Double Chocolate Gluten Free Cookies (that also happen to be Vegan!).


One thought on “A List on a Rainy Weekend

  1. Oh how I love this! I feel like I’m sitting in your kitchen drinking tea and you’re telling me about your weekend. I feel the same way about selfies. It is definitely awkward and I think it’s because the word ‘selfie’ is just so, you know? I usually resort to something like “Hey let’s document this moment!!!” in a decibel louder than necessary while waving my phone around in the air. I don’t know if that’s any better. Lol.

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