12:30 am. What time is it? How long have I been sleeping? Somehow it feels like so long and not nearly long enough.

Woken up gradually to a corus of coyotes howling along with emergency vehicle sirens that are getting uncomfortably close. Are they off the highway? Coming closer? They stopped. I wonder if there is a fire. I hope there isn’t another fire. Is it someone we know? Is it something of ours?

I didn’t check on Noah before I came to bed. He’s so far away on the other side of the house. Maybe we should start locking the doors. I am going to go check on him. Make sure nobody came and took him. Oh lord, please let him be there.

My house is so scary in the dark. All lights on. The sliding door is open. Cool air in. Necessary. We live far of the road. It’s okay. I hope.

Shit these stairs are creaky. I hope I don’t wake the baby. Oh good he’s sleeping so nicely. I wish I could take a picture of how calm he is. So wild in the day. So precious right now. He’s huge.

Its hot in here. Baby monitor says 80… I don’t know what that means. Air conditioner and fan on. Ugh the screws are loose on this fan. So annoying. It will be fine. I am going back to bed.

I wonder if I can make it down stairs without the stair creaking. Nope.

Lights off, don’t look outside. Too scary.

I gotta pee.

My mouth is so dry. I forgot to write in my supper journal.

I can hear the fan rattling through the baby monitor. Maybe I’ll just fall asleep. It’s kinda like white noise…

Nope, not falling asleep. I need to take it apart and fix it. It’s been on the to do list for ages. Screw this, I am fixing it right now. Maybe I should snapchat this. No that’s lame. What ever, you sister snap chatted you clips of anastatia. Fixing your baby’s fan at midnight is much less lame.

Lights back on. Scary house.

Creaky stairs. Don’t wake the baby.

Take apart the fan. Why can’t Gary ever do this, he is so not handy. He would just buy a new one. Well, we need a new fan anyways, the other one is keeping the tomatoes cool. They need it more then me.

That was easy. So glad Noah didn’t wake up.

Shoot. He is crying. Maybe if I sit here quiet enough he will go back asleep without me having to come hold him. I’ll creep back to bed.

Freaking stairs! If we ever have a light sleeping baby, I am going to need to get these stairs fixed. Lights off. Back in bed. Darn it. He’s not going to sleep.

Lights on. Up stairs. He knows I am coming. He heard the stairs squeak. Where is the soother. Behind the crib. Great. Soother in. Lay down honey. Oh your diaper is soaked! Right. You drank 3 huge cups of water at dinner. Pick up to change. Instantly asleep. Oh well, I’ll change you in 6 hours… And your sheets. Cause they are already wet. Sigh.

Night night baby.

Sqeaky stairs. Lights off.

I should check garys phone and make sure nothing of ours is on fire. None of these texts look crucial. I have to write in my supper journal. Meatballs, rice, no veggies. Too lazy.

I need to start blogging again. I am so hungry. Suck it up.

Drink water. Sleep. 1:30am


One thought on “12:30-1:30AM

  1. O hunn I hear you! Motherhood is messy. It has wonderful, amazing, beautiful times but it has 12:30am’s also. Sending love from AB. Miss you!

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