52 Suppers

I was never really one for New Years resolutions. “Lose weight”, “eat better”, “exercise more”. Those are things I have to recommit to every single day. January 1st doesn’t make them any more or less attainable. Last year however, my goal, (I am going to call it that cause resolution sounds so…cheesy) was to not buy Superstore clothing. I know, it sounds like a funny thing to decide but I was finding my wardrobe was filled with clothing I barely wore that didn’t fit well and looked shabby pretty quickly. So basically I was wasting my money.

I shop at Superstore pretty regularly and the clothes section temped me every single time but I am happy to say that I did not give in. Instead I bought fewer but better quality clothes that I hope to have for much longer.

For 2016, I will continue to stay away from the cheaper clothing (and might even add a few more stores to my no-go list). But also have thought of a few new goals.

  1. To text/ facebook message/ email people back within 24 hours. I often read a message and then get distracted, or need to think about an answer, or need to check something with Gary and then COMPLETELY forget about getting back to the person. It is a terrible habit that I think makes friendships in our day and age even more difficult then they already are. So in my effort to be a better friend, I am setting this goal. (Let me tell you, it is January the 8th and I have already messed up once or twice! Ah! Hold me to if friends!)
  2. My second goal I am calling 52 Suppers. I Love feeding people and having people in my home so I am challenging myself to host 52 dinners at my house this year. That is one a week and I think that is pretty do-able. I am limiting close friends/family dinners to counting only 6 times each in order to push me to invite new people. I hope to keep track of most of these dinners here so I can remember who all came over and what I fed them :).
  3. I also want to read at least 12 books. One a month should be manageable and maybe put just enough pressure on that I choose to read instead of watching Netflix. Haha!

Happy New Year friends! And if you want to come over for dinner…let me know! 🙂



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