Supper #1 – Kelvin and Katie

January the 4th marked the beginning of my 52 suppers in 2016 goal. Our friends Kelvin and Katie came over to talk a bit of business (Kelvin is one of our hard working employees) but also to just visit.

I made fresh white bread and turkey soup made from the carcass of the Christmas turkey. I served it with cheese, deli meat, pickles and honey.

The soup was easily the best 100% from scratch soup I have ever made. But I have made some really terrible soups, so that wasn’t a difficult standard to reach. I didn’t follow any recipe so promises that it will turn out next time. Oops.

The white bread was also great. It has been a long time since I have baked bread and I almost forgot how simple it is. The recipe was easy to follow and my stand mixer did all the work. I followed this recipe from Dinner With Julie and I highly recommend it!




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