52 Suppers

This week I made two dinners! I figure, there will be weeks we are too busy, or gone and so its a good idea to double up once in a while if I want to hit my goal of 52 suppers.

#2. Wednesday the 13 – Jill and Dawson. This supper was so casual and thrown together. Gary put frozen chicken cordon blue pieces in the oven with a big pan of sweet potato fries. I cut up some veggies and made chipotle mayo. Definitely not fancy or homemade, but hospitality is more about the guests then the food!

#3 Thursday the 14th – Steve, Carmen, Jesse and Isabelle. I put a bit more effort into this dinner and made a dinner time staple in our house. Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza (recipe here) hasn’t failed me yet. It is always tasty and never healthy. I made a small cheese pizza for the kids which was a good idea. I served the pizza with that kale/ brussel sprout salad that everybody buys these days. I am kind of tired of it, but haven’t found an a;alternative yet. For dessert Carmen brought apple pie, and I also made a chocolate bundt cake because that is never a bad idea. (recipe here)




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